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Create and disseminate your procedures, work instructions, and training materials in a digital, visual and collaborative format.

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Most companies still use traditional office software to produce their technical documentation: work instructions, work instructions and other internal procedures. This approach is a source of dissatisfaction and inefficiency, both internally and among their clients.

Dokit for internal documentation

At Dokit, we wanted to simplify the documentation by allowing everyone to access, create, edit or comment on technical documents in a clear and visual format. Dokit is a modern documentation platform, customizable and accessible from anywhere, connected or disconnected.

Use Dokit page templates or create your own templates to simplify typing, add tags for easy searching, and set the best organization for your documentation. Dokit allows you to centrally manage your documentation. This means you can achieve significant productivity gains and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

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Content structuring

Use templates, forms, or metadata to structure and organize your content.

Example formula creation

Simplified editing

Thanks to our editing formulas, add steps, import files and insert images or videos in just a few clicks.

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Accessible on all supports

Your users have easy access to the content through their computer, their tablet, or on the go on their smartphone.

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Multi-author management

Easily manage collaboration between multiple authors within a single page.

Multi-author example

Printing and publishing PDF

With on click, print or export your content as a PDF. Adapt the layout of the export to your graphic.

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Multi-language management

Your users are able to change the language with one click and access or modify the content in their preferred language.

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Data Security

Your data circulate in SSL/TLS/HTTPS, the most reliable and secure communication protocol on the internet. The data are backed-up and replicated through multiple data centers in France.

Example of encrypted data

Image editor

Easily edit and annotate your images to highlight some useful details to the readers.


Dokit accompanies clients from all sectors on their technical writing assignments. We think that to be efficient, the documentation must be minimalistic, visual, and easy to understand. To achieve this, we have put together in our Manifesto for the technical writer 10 golden-rules to follow for quality documentation.

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