Product support and service

Provide your customers and your service team with clear and visual documentation: product manuals and machines, FAQs, service procedures, etc.

After purchasing a product, customers require a high level of support from the manufacturer or distributor. But the paper user manual format has disappeared and no longer allows you to effectively accompany your customers or your teams in the maintenance or repair of increasingly complex products.

Dokit for Product Support and Service

At Dokit, we think that clear instructions, updated visuals, improve the level of satisfaction of your clients and therefore reduces support costs. Dokit gathers all your technical documentation, work instructions and service procedures in one place.

On your Dokit platform, your clients can find a response to all of their technical problems. Your technicians access maintenance procedures, user instructions and repair guides, and can answer your customers' questions in a few clicks.

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Simplified editing

Thanks to our editing formulas, add steps, import files and insert images or videos in just a few clicks.

Image editor

Easily edit and annotate your images to highlight some useful details to the readers.

Offline availability.

Thanks to our Dokit, your content is accessible offline and is able to be integrated into your applications.

__(Mockup accès hors ligne)

Export XML, RDF or JSON

Simply export your content in standard format templates RDF, XML, or even JSON.

__(Screenshot export XML, RDF et JSON)

Support Forum

On the same page, find all of the questions posed by the community. You are able to order them by date, status, etc.

__(Exemple forum d'entraide)

Multi-language management

Your users are able to change the language with one click and access or modify the content in their preferred language.

__(Exemple multilingue)

Data Security

Your data circulate in SSL/TLS/HTTPS, the most reliable and secure communication protocol on the internet. The data are backed-up and replicated through multiple data centers in France.

__(Exemple de données chiffrées)


The API library lets you easily integrate Dokit to your existing system or to develop third-party applications.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     --request GET "" \

    "title": "Nom du tutoriel",
    "pageid": "321",
    "category": "Tutoriels",
    "steps": [
             "step_title": "Etape 1 : Découpe",
             "number": "1",
             "images": "image_step1.jpg",

Example: retrieving tutorial content

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