A visual and structured documentation

With the Dokit templates, your users are able to create or modify content in just a few minutes, in an intuitive and collaborative way. The pages are structured, easy to read, and accessible in just a few click thanks to metadata provided by the user.

Wiki pages

Use this model to write content in a free format. Adapted to the creation of manuals, descriptions, and feedback, among others.

wiki page template
Operational modes

Use this template structure to describe the steps necessary to carry-out a procedure.

operational mode template page

Use this temple to describe the necessary resources to carry-out a project or a procedure (tools, materials, skills, etc.)

product page template
Personalized templates

Create document templates specific to your business and your needs.

personalized template page

Content management and structuring

Simplified editing

Thanks to our editing formulas, add steps, import files and insert images or videos in just a few clicks.

Image editor

Easily edit and annotate your images to highlight some useful details to the readers.

Content structuring

Use templates, forms, or metadata to structure and organize your content.

Example formula creation

Version management

Compare the tutorial version to the others, restore an older version or undo unnecessary modifications.

Version management example

Research and navigation

Powerful search engine

Simply search for content within articles or attachments via the built-in search engine.

Screenshot search engine

Visual content explorer

Thanks to Dokit Explore, visually explore your content with the help of metadata filters.

Screenshot content explorer

Accessibility and integration

Accessible on all supports

Your users have easy access to the content through their computer, their tablet, or on the go on their smartphone.

Responsive mockup

Offline availability.

Thanks to our Dokit, your content is accessible offline and is able to be integrated into your applications.

Mockup offline access

Printing and publishing PDF

With one click, print or export your content in PDF. Adapt the layout of the export to your graphic.

Screenshot export PDF

Export XML, RDF or JSON

Simply export your content in standard format templates RDF, XML, or even JSON.

Screenshot export XML, RDF, and JSON

International and translation management

Multi-language management

Your users are able to change the language with one click and access or modify the content in their preferred language.

Multi-language example

Translations in more than 100 languages

Dokit uses a strong translation motor with a translation memory, translation tracking, and more.

Translation example

Ergonomics & design

Graphic customization

Use the standard Dokit theme or entirely personalize the interface and integrate your logo and graphics.


Dokit allows you to definte your layout according to the specific needs of your business and users.

Mockup layout

Collaborative and social


For each tutorial, you are able to discuss with other users, respond to their questions, or help them resolve their problems.

Screenshot discussion and forum

Social functions

Engage your users thanks to page profiles, notifications, badges and sharing buttons.

Screenshot profile page


Gather your tutorials and documents in groups: user groups, brands, stores, products, and events.

Group example

Multi-author management

Easily manage collaboration between multiple authors within a single page.

Multi-author example



The API library lets you easily integrate Dokit to your existing system or to develop third-party applications.

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     --request GET "https://dokit.io/api.php?action=parse&page=Nom_du_tutoriel" \

    "title": "Nom du tutoriel",
    "pageid": "321",
    "category": "Tutoriels",
    "steps": [
             "step_title": "Etape 1 : Découpe",
             "number": "1",
             "images": "image_step1.jpg",

Example: retrieving tutorial content


Define a privledge level for each user (admin, presenter, writer) and for each page.

Schema SSO



Choose between secure cloud hosting on DOKIT servers via its OVH partner or on-site hosting.


Free your Dokit platform administrators from Dokit by using Dokit in SaaS on our highly secure servers.


For companies with strict regulatory or compliance requirements who need to host code on their servers, we offer a service and an equivalent level of support.

Data Security

Your data circulate in SSL/TLS/HTTPS, the most reliable and secure communication protocol on the internet. The data are backed-up and replicated through multiple data centers in France.

Example of encrypted data


User rights

Define privilege levels adapted to the platform users.

User rights management


Follow the activity of your platform (number of users, contributions, visits, discussions, etc.)

Sample reports

Key features

Interface and Navigation

  • Modern and intuitive design
  • Personalization (logo, colors, CSS, etc.)
  • Dashboard and widgets
  • Navigation by category and tags
  • 100% responsive website
  • SEO optimization

Creation and editing

  • Editing interface that is intuitive and easy to access
  • Step by step creation
  • Media import (images, videos, etc.)
  • Import by batch into the gallery
  • Import with drag-and-drop in one step
  • Formatting WYSIWYG
  • Import attachments
  • Automatic saving
  • Auto-completion of the entry
  • Annotating and editing images
  • Creating a tutorial via file import
  • Entry bubbles

Rights management

  • User privilege definition
  • Rights management by page
  • Saving to draft or finished status
  • Public or private visibility
  • Version management (backward movement possible)
  • Version comparison

Social functions

  • User profile pages
  • User tracking
  • "Like" and "I did it" buttons
  • Email notifications


  • Integration of a tutorial on a third-party site (iframe)
  • Steps lecture in slide format
  • Export PDF (with cartridge and versions)
  • Printable format
  • Export to SCORM format
  • QR Code generation

Advanced search

  • Search by attribute (semantic search)
  • Filters (filter by date, number of views...)

Reporting and Moderation

  • Track changes
  • Integration of web analytic tools (GA, etc.)
  • Complete statistics (views, ranking...)

Discussion & Collaboration

  • General forum
  • Discussions on each tutorial
  • Commentary on each step
  • Mark topic as "solved"
  • Mention a user (via @username)


  • Available in over 100 languages
  • Tutorial translation interface


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