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Dokit is the easiest way to create and share digital user guides, work instructions and best practices.

An all-in-one platform

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Dokit allows you to manage your digital documentation from A to Z.

Create a step-by-step guide

Create with ease

CreateIt only takes a few clicks to create your guides and instructions with our intuitive editing features and predefined templates.

Organize your technical documentation

Organise efficiently

OrganizeDokit makes it easy to organise and control content: categorisation, tagging, metadata, and workflow validation.

Share and export manuals

Share everywhere

ShareYour guides and instructions are available on all devices: PCs, smartphones, tablet, and any device that supports PDFs.

Collaborative software to create guides

Collaborate actively

CollaborativeWith Dokit's collaborative features, collect feedback from your users, answer their questions and continuously improve your content.

How to create effective guides and instructions?

At Dokit, we help you take advantage of digital innovations to empower your employees and customers to perform any technical task and accelerate the sharing of know-how within your organisation. Discover best practices from our experts for a successful digital transformation.