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Dokit makes your documentation accessible in just a few clicks on all media (PC, mobile, machines) and integrates with your existing systems (CMMS, PLM, LMS).

Easily adapt the platform design to your graphics. Enable single sign-on to make it easier for your users to log in. For even more integration, take advantage of Dokit APIs.

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Clear and visual content

Thanks to Dokit, your procedures are clear, visual, and action oriented. Photos, short videos, 3D illustrations or diagrams: use the adapted formats to understand more technical concepts.

The procedures shown illustrate the steps to be taken before starting an action. They reassure the user and result in less errors.

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Intuitive and collaborative creation

On the Dokit platform, each user is able to create and improve content in a few clicks.

All of the changes made are saved in the history. The users are able to comment or suggest improvements and interact with your teams. Your procedures and operation modes are always up to date.

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Dokit was made to simplify documentation and transmission of know-how.

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Structured content

Thanks to the Dokit templates, the content created by your users is uniform and structured.

Intuitivity & Ergonomics

The Dokit interfaces are designed to simplify content contribution and access.


A strong translation engine allows you to manage your content in more than 100 languages.


Dokit has advanced social and collaborative features, similar to a social network.


The Dokit content is accessible by smartphone, tablet, PC, or printouts for more comfort.

API & Integration

Integrate content to third-party applications through our APIs.

Explore all of the features of Dokit.

Dokit responds to the needs of various sectors


A French manufacturer uses Dokit to digitize the operation modes of its machines and makes them available to its customers.


A distributor uses Dokit to document its service procedures and to distribute the know-how to its technicians.


The public uses Dokit to animate an ecosystem of stakeholders and encourages interaction and the sharing of innovations.


An association uses Dokit to develop science learning by facilitating the creation and consultation of experiences.

Proudly built on MediaWiki

Dokit relies on Mediawiki, Wikipedia's open-source software platform, to offer powerful collaborative capabilities. If you already have a wiki, our team can help you improve its ergonomics and deploy new features.

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