Dokit App

Empower your customers with digital instructions

Finally provide your customers and teams with the assistance they need and deserve, thanks to the Dokit App and its visual step-by-step instructions.

Clear and easy-to-follow instructions

You’ll be amazed at how effective your teams and customers will become once they start working with clear, concise and easy to understand instructions! Great instructions can actually get you a long way towards higher productivity.nnThe Dokit platform not only allows you to create these instructions with ease, but you can also spread them around in a few clicks. Whether you want your users to perform a specific task or edit an existing procedure, you can do it all right here.n
  • Visual step-by-step instructions
  • Available on any device
  • Continuously improved

Great discoverability

Getting your customers and collaborators the help they need, when they need it is no longer just an advantage for your business, it’s become crucial. nnDokit provides you with various ways to share your instructions: embedded guides, direct links, QR codes, chatbots, ...n

Deliver the right content to the right audience

The Dokit App allows you to target specific audiences and deliver the right content to them. By allowing you to decide with whom you share certain information, we want your customers and users to have access to the content that is specific to their needs and interests. For instance, you can share user guides with users living in a specific area, with particular skills or working in a certain division, without sharing them with the rest of the organization.

Access control

Private or public? That’s your call! Keep or share the content you want to whoever you want. You decide how you want to manage your access control.

Translate in 100+ languages

Create content in over 100 different languages and share it with your collaborators and clients all over the world.


Get your mobile app to look exactly the way you want it by creating your own bespoke design. The Dokit App is fully customizable: apply your colors, upload your logo, your settings…

Make sure your customers and users get the support they need thanks to clear and visual step by step instructions