Case studies

Digital documentation

Reinvent your manuals

Dokit allows manufacturers and publishers to take control of their product documentation.
Create, manage and distribute your documentation from a single platform.
Empower your customers to use your products independently and provide them with an unparalleled level of support.
  • Simplified creation of guides and manuals
  • Enhanced content (photos, videos, 3D)
  • Instant distribution of updates
  • Accessibility PC, tablets, smartphones
Digital documentation use case

Cadiou is France’s leading manufacturer of gates and fences. The company was looking for a solution to replace its paper manuals, enabling its private and trade customers to work completely independently when installing the company’s products.

Thanks to Dokit, Cadiou has successfully transitioned to digital documentation and has seen a significant reduction in customer support requests.

Operating procedures

Your work instructions for industry v4.0

Dokit allows manufacturers to digitise and standardise their work instructions.
Create, review, translate and distribute your instructions with just a few clicks.
Reduce quality problems and accelerate the training of your employees.
  • Standardisation of work instructions
  • Updates and guaranteed traceability
  • Single-click, multi-device distribution and printing
  • Accessibility in offline mode
Operating procedures user stories

A market leader in the field of 3D additive manufacturing has chosen Dokit to digitise its work instructions and make them accessible to its customers, anywhere in the world, from workstations, tablets or directly from its machines’ screens.

Best practices

Accelerate your knowledge transfer

Dokit enables organisations to centralise employee feedback and create a powerful knowledge base of best practices.
Facilitate the capture and sharing of best practices by your employees.
Capitalise on your employees’ know-how and experience to develop your business.
  • Sharing best practices with a single click
  • Available on all devices: PCs, tablets, and smartphones
  • Enhanced content (photos, videos, hyperlinks)
  • Powerful semantic search
Share Best practices use case

A world leader in the construction industry was looking for a simple solution to centralise its best practices using a collaborative, multilingual knowledge base that could be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The company chose Dokit to create a tailor-made, easy-to-use database of best practices to make all documentation easier to access, no matter where the employee is located.


Reinvent your technical training

Dokit allows training organisations and companies to centralise all their resources to make work instructions easier to learn.
Quickly create structured, visual and easy-to-update learning content.
Deploy a reference platform for learners and accelerate their training.
  • Centralisation of all training resources
  • Access to content according to level and competence
  • Integration with an LMS or e-learning platform
  • Content access statistics
Training use-case

The Digital Plumbers' School is a school that helps to train and prepare young people to join professions working with digital infrastructure.

The school was looking for a solution to deliver clear, visual and accessible tutorials that could be accessed from anywhere in order to train its students in the deployment of optical fibre.

The school chose Dokit to deploy its training platform and produce videos and tutorials explaining all the technical workflows in the curriculum.

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