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Get the best from MediaWiki with the Dokit Extension Suite

A new interface for your wiki

Dokit creates unique designs for their clients and creates ergonomic and responsive interfaces. We have a strong expertise in MediaWiki wiki customization and in the integration of frameworks like Bootstrap.

The creation of content is accessible to all

Thanks to using Visual Editor, it becomes very easy and natural to contribute to a wiki without any knowledge of Wikitext.

Dokit has developed an extension to combine the use of forms and document templates with the visual editor. We assist our customers with the installation of necessary extensions, the implementation of clear and intuitive page templates or bubbles aids guiding the wiki users.

Find information in a few clicks

Take advantage of Semantic Mediawiki to structure the pages of your wiki and make content more accessible. Through the use of semantics, every piece of information in your wiki becomes available upon request, opening up a range of possibilities. To facilitate browsing within a wiki, Dokit developed the Explore extension, which explores your wiki intuitively and visually. The Dokit team supports you through structuring your wiki, creating templates, and creating applications based on semantics.

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