Who are we?

The Dokit adventure began in 2016 with the launch of the nonprofit project Wikifab, born from the will to spread the know-how and allow all to make, create or repair everything.

The Dokit project, created around the Wikifab platform, aims to democratize digital documentation usage within organizations and to facilitate the transmission of knowledge and know-how between employees.

Our solutions are used by organizations from a variety of industries, such as industry, energy, construction, environmental, and education.

Dokit is available in SaaS or on a server and is based on open-source software MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and Wikifab. Through these actions, Dokit actively contributes to the development of the Wikifab project.

The Dokit team

Photos of Gautier Feld

Gautier Feld

Sales Manager

Photos of Clément Flipo

Clément Flipo

Product Manager

Photos of Pierre Boutet

Pierre Boutet

Technical Manager